OZEAN – Different Design. Faster You!

High performance paddling is a combination of surf ski design, materials choice, quality and most importantly, the paddler’s ability. Ozean skis are designed to be extremely fast and very stable so that you can focus purely on your stroke. The result : You’re faster than ever before!

Ozean developed a “cutting edge” hybrid bow and hull design which is extremely fast in the flat and even faster out in the Ocean. You get superior speed and easier steering downwind. 

No Compromises - we add best quality materials and production methods to provide you with the best to be the best!

OZEAN – for Winners and maximum Fun

All Ozean skis come standard with a weed rudder (speed rudder available on special request), Anderson bailer Mini, and bungees. Models OSS:3 and OSS:4 include two carbon handles. 

We positioned the bailer in the front of the footrest which drains a full cockpit within a fraction of seconds and unlike other skis, keeps the surf ski constantly dry at its minimum weight.

Ozean ski bows cut through water which reduce the bouncing on waves and in downwind conditions, pushes the bow out of the water again allowing easy manoeuvring in the surf. 

We currently offer six models, each in three different layups :

Glass / Kevlar

15.5 KG

$3450 * inc. GST


12.5 KG 

$4450* inc. GST


10.5 KG

$5450 * inc. GST

OSS : 1 – Pure Racing Machine

Measurements: 6495 x 435 mm - Person up to 110 kg

OSS : 2 – “Light” Racing Machine

Measurements : 6245 x 430 mm. Person up to 75 kg (<90 kg on flat)

OSS : 3 & 3 SL – Fun & Race

Measurements : 6245 x 460 mm. (SL option = narrow seat – no handles) Person up to 110 kg

OSS : 4 & 4 SL – Fun & Race

Measurements : 5795 x 480 mm. (SL option = narrow seat – no handles) Person up to 110 kg


What is so different about OZEAN surf ski ?

Reverse bows have been in use for a few years now with high performance catamarans, some surf ski and Olympic kayaks. While these bows provide superior speed on flat water, they tend to “nose dive” too fast. The OZEAN team developed and optimized these bows for rougher waters. The result is the “cutting edge” hybrid bow which combines the advantages of both worlds, the traditional and reverse bow, without negative side effects.

The hull shape of our ski is different, too. Yes, it is so flat in some parts that experts told us that these ski will never glide. Wrong they were. OZEAN surf ski are extremely fast and stable.

A little about OZEAN surf ski

We are a small boutique company based on the East Coast of Australia focussing on high-end, high performance surf skis.

Our team members are from all walks of life and around the globe combining years of experience in leading naval architecture & industrial design, advanced composite production and successful entrepreneurship – all sharing one life style passion – being devoted to Ozean surf ski paddling.

We (Dean, Tibor and Ole) constantly challenge ourselves and our business partners to think out-of-the-box, never accept the current state, and know that small changes might have huge impacts. 

All to achieve the near impossible – extremely fast but stable, high performance Ozean surf ski for the uncompromising paddler!


Contact Us


Please contact us to arrange for a time and test paddle

Dean Little 0400 554 058  - Email: info@ozeansurfski.com




Sydney (Bayview) : www.paddlecraft.com.au

Western Sydney : OZEAN SURF SKI  – call Tibor @ 0404 169 187

Central Coast : www.oceanplayground.com.au - Dean @ 0400 554 058

Mid-North Coast: OZEAN SURF SKI – call Ole @ 0433 304 654






C Surfcraft - 0476 775 207 - csurfcaft@gmail.com


Find Us at

Showroom and warehouse : 1/15 Seasands Drive, Redhead, NSW, 2290

Postal address : 7 Lauff Road, Smiths Lake, NSW 2428


Covered under warranty:

  • 1 yr limited warranty against defects in the materials and workmanship in the hull and assembly of surfski.
  • 1 yr limited warranty against defects and assembly to parts and accessories
  • 1 yr limited warranty against delamination of honeycomb cored surfski
  • 1 yr limited warranty on paddles and accessories against defects in the materials and workmanship
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  • The warranty is only valid to the original customer
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Not covered under the warranty:

  • Normal wear and discoloration
  • Damage from misuse or abuse from hitting objects and improper maintenance
  • Damage from extreme weather or environmental conditions
  • Damage caused from storing the boat outside
  • Damage from improper support of the kayak during transportation or storage
  • Damage caused by any alterations to the boat and or original parts
  • Damage caused to the boats in “surf”
  • Any boat designated as “demo”
  • Kayaks used for promotional, commercial or rental purposes
  • Original invoice is the proof of purchase for your warranty claim to be considered
  • Ocean Surf Sports Australia reserves the right to determine whether the equipment is covered under warranty.


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